Just some random idea I figured I would throw out there

Doubt it will get much support if any but it was just a random thought that came to mind that I figured I would share…
Vehicles…I’m not saying you could drive em or anything but having a cover spot occupied by a mountable vehicle in each map would be cool. Two vehicle ideas I have would be a tank and a technical. Tank would shield the person in it from damage until destroyed or dismounted and would have 3 non reloadable rounds that work like hardscope’s rpg. It would have slightly increased hit points than a regular cover and unusuble when destroyed. Technical would have a turret that could be mounted and act like Steele’s open fire. This would have the same hit points as those useless stationary vehicles already in game. When destroyed vehicles can deal a bit of dmg to the hero occupying it if they are mounted while it’s destroyed similar to hecklers overclock. Give feedback pls but don’t be too brutal with your rejections!

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