Kaishi silver question

Does anyone know if the stagger always interrupts the opponent’s still usage (basically cancelling out the skill and causing it to recharge all over again) when the silver is active or if it just hits the opponent eventually after a skill is used?


UPDATE - I just got my answer. Marlowe was able to use her silver to stun Kaishi even with his silver up. However, I read that Kaishi can prevent Vanguard’s shield from going up. I guess it depends on activation time or if it’s a channeling skill.

Some people still get their skills off but others are stopped, it’s weird.

No, when he is already targeting someone he doesn’t shoot, and sometimes when the opponents skill is hold and released

Yeah, it varies depending on the hero. It would be pretty handy for it to cancel any enemy abilities, but for right now, it’s still a good counter.