Hero Spotlight: Kaishi

Icon_ElementBio Kaishi

PeoplesGuard_ColorIcon General

  • A deadly "Martial Duelist." Kaishi excels in 1-on-1 matches, using his powerful Damage boosters and debuffs to quickly take out his target.



Bronze Ability

Kaishi does Damage to a target, temporarily buffing his own Damage and Fire Rate. Starts the mission with 85% charge!

Vengeance Strike

Silver Ability

Kaishi goes into a counter stance. While it’s active, he fires on any enemy using a skill. If no enemies are countered, Kaishi deals Damage to a random enemy when Vengeance Strike expires.


Gold Ability - Passive

Whenever Initiate damages an enemy, Lockout is triggered. For a time, Kaishi reflects some damage received from a Locked Out enemy back at them.


Platinum Ability - Passive

Whenever Kaishi has a negative status effect, he gets a chance every second to cleanse himself. Whenever he cleanses an effect, Kaishi’s next attack does extra Damage.

Where can I get Kaishi!?

Kaishi_Crate Kaishi_Raid Kaishi will be available from the PvP Crates & Co-op Raid!

What do you think of Kaishi?

Stating that he is available in PvP crates is a bit confusing, since PvP crates are the ones we get for five PvP wins. Better just name it Kaishi crates. Even though they are Kaishi PvP crates.

And nice to see that the threat was already made 20 days ago :sweat_smile:

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@BombBella Is there a timeline on when the Kaishi PvP crates will be available?

The timing of his release relative to the upcoming People’s Guard bounty is really frustrating. If you use your co-op trading perfectly, it takes 7 days to unlock a hero. With bounty beginning in 8 days and no City Hall in sight yet, anyone that doesn’t fork over actual money directly is screwed.

This is (I think) the first time I’ve seen a hero offered directly for real money in a special offer instead of gold. Is this really the route you guys are going with new releases in the future? Bounty has always been relatively pay-to-win. You need cash and gold for summons and recharges. But the timeline for Kaishi’s release relativel to his faction’s bounty takes it to a new level.

Bounty is no longer simply pay-to-win, it is essentially pay-to-play. Without the feature hero, people that don’t fork over $30 can count themselves right out of the competition. Having people pay money for a slight time-advantage is fine and even expected. Forcing people to pay to even be competitive is shocking.

I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s really disappointed with this.


I love this guy so far.

I don’t mind spending some €.

But this is just weird, we spend real money on gold, and now we can’t use this pre spend money anymore, and all the devs can say that a crate was bugged and now it’s to try out something new.

And like someone else said, not really in the spirit of Christmas


Completely onboard with these statements. This is what I feared when the update came out and I realized what they had done. I know they are looking to find ways to make cash, but when it frames events and how anyone can move forward it becomes ridiculous. Especially when no mention of this was made to everyone who tries to prepare properly (wouldn’t have bought monthly gold or gold packs if I knew ahead of time).

I have 3k gold I saved/paid for the event hero crates. I suppose its better spent on continuous runs of city hall to get him unlocked with enough time to plat/8 star this guy. And ultimately this will cost me LESS gold than crates. It just potentially takes longer. I buy gold now and then to get event heroes faster to get them ready for bounty. Now I dont intend to buy any gold if this is the way they will move forward.



Any information regarding this topic? If the coop does not start tomorrow we will not be able to get the Kaishi before next bounty, without spending cash. I know this game is designed to make money. But if this gets a pattern, many low or free playing players will leave. And at least in my Ally you did not get new paying customers because the coop is opening late.


I faced Kaishi teams 15 times or more I guess, I didnt lost any of those matches, I was runing mauler or ronin combinations, and once I beat that team using Pazny team.
Dont have him yet but what I see is, He is so squishy. :roll_eyes::thinking:

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