What’s happened to Keel?

I remember awhile ago when Keel’s gold ability was very OP and it was awesome but also quite unfair. Thus when that was massively nerfed it made sense and I still liked using Keel.

That was until the latest update. I don’t know what specifically was changed but now she dies in mere seconds every time I use her. This is really disappointing for me because she was essential in one of my pvp lineups that I really liked.

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keel is one of the fastest healer and most commonly targeted as a threat. she is also going to fall very fast because some users use mauler( who has an advantage against her)

I honestly do not know what happened to Keel. I’ve always been a fan of Keel, but I never put much work into her. I used Moss, Operator, Flatline, Matador, Nightengale and Halo as my main healers. I only have Keel 5 star, gold level 75/81. I however, do really like her for low level pvp matchups. I haven’t noticed any excelled death rates, mainly cause I use a mega support squad with Butter, Heimlock, Francoise, Keel and Bolt. It does seem however, that I need to rely on Butter’s shields and Franny’s bronze skill to protect Keel, because she ends up loosing health quickly.

Ya I’m at a weird spot in the progression of my profile. I’ve only got a handful of plats and lots of gold (+1 - +4) ranging from 5 star- 8 star. So my average pvp team power is 30k.

Also I know she hasn’t been the best healer for quite sometime but with the latest update she feels like pre-buff Gammond to me, I.e. tissue paper.

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