Keel, what's her state in the game?

As we know the new update balanced offensive healing (active skills) and neutered the passive skills, I looked and Keel’s Scavenge skill got reworked to where it’s trash. It makes me feel like I just wasted stuff to get her to gold now. Along with her what else was reworked?

I hope Keel heal is just bugged again

I hope it is bug but the bio says it isn’t check what it says on her scavenger someone in an other post put two pics of the Scavenger before and now she has almost twice the heeling ability but Forces on one person The fact that she only heals the lowest team member that really hurts but it works in conjunction with mandrake 30% life left invisibility Flatlines Keep you from dying when you’re close to death then gives you health and her self health nightingales quick heel

That was me.
And it wasn’t before and after but the difference between 2 completely different power ratings on keel

I did post the pre update heal with them now

Difference between gold 5* and platinum 8*

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