Kurtz execute skill

can someone please let me know how kurtzs execute skill works?

It mentions that it will kill the weakest ally but ive played some missions where each time a different hero has been executed with the same lineup.

  1. On what basis is it decided who is the weakest? is it hero total power or based on how much health that hero has left in that mission?

  2. Does hero sequence matter as to who kurtz will execute?

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I too have noticed he doesn’t always kill the weakest. Sometimes it’s just the first person in your lineup. It’s weird. Not quite sure how it works. :man_shrugging:t2:

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thanks jado but i accidently pressed submit before i could type up my whole post.

Please could you check my original post

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I’ve been running Extreme missions lately. He kills my Flatline who is almost at full hp while keeping Hivemind who is at half health alive. I’m not sure if they have tweaked the A.I. interaction to reduce Kurtz comps for Extreme, but test it yourself and see.

(So it may not always follow the HP rule as the weakest ally? or that’s a nerf to his effectiveness in Extreme missions)

I have a whole section in the extreme guide dedicated to this, I would recommend reading it to understand how the skill works

this is the exact issue i face… my flatline gets executed even though as you mentioned, she has way more heslth than the other heroes… wasted lots of stamina bcos of this

thanks gale… will check it out

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so it basically depends on the hero location in the lineup.

Doesnt look like there is any linkage between the skill & the hero’s total power or remaining health.

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I’ve also thought about if “weakest” refers to the hero’s base power, not their current health.

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