Kurtz frag deal

i spent over 900$ in one week on both kurtz crates and i’m so close to unlocking him, can you PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE put that 50 frag deal for 1999 gold one more time!!! i spent wwwaaaayyyyy too much to not have him, please!!! and thanks for listening to my rant lol, love you guys and great game!

It’s a gamble. Like please casino, please let me win after a few hundred bucks spent. I promise it’s not an addiction.

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lol i know, but i spent 350$ on the second crate only walked away with 80 frags, the first crate i spent 450$ on and walked away with 376 frags… i’ve spent way too much to not have him, i just need one more 50 frag deal for 1999 gold that’s not going to upset the ecosystem of the game, you had to spend a LOT to get him thru frags. and the other 50$ was on the 50frag deal

lol holy ■■■■ ‍‍‍


Like how does someone have money for bills and food and basic survival when putting $900 into a game?

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U do when u neglect savings n have zero other avenues to splurge on. Or he just makes loads of dough.

Hey, no need to judge others for how they spend. I was taken aback by that amount, but it’s not productive to get personal and make sweeping assumptions about his lifestyle.


No assumptions here. I too was taken aback by the amount, mainly because I barely MAKE $900 a week, so I can’t even imagine being able to spend that much in a week.

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Damn, that’s a lot of money on one hero, I hope you get him soon dude.

Or you could just make a crapload of money and no wife.

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Either they have disposable income or someone is giving them their money.

Keep it classy, guys. Close to a closed topic and yellow cards.

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