Some Mercy to Alliances having power less than 25M

For me personally, I feel very bad for the alliances below 25M power as they dont have much chances to do good in war . The EXPERT tier is broken and only alliances having power 30M+ , stay at top . So it’s the time come to open MASTER tier and alliances having power 35M+ will go there . Now here is the rework idea for Specialist tier .

As we all know the rewards for specialist tier are poor, DEVS can introduce HERO CRATE TOKENS in Season end rewards instead of SILVER/GOLD CRATE TOKENS . Also more bucks can be added . Now , if the Specialist tier upgrades with the reward boost , there will be some more improvements too like that of increasing alliance cap means the alliances having power 15M - 25M will be in Specialist tier instead of Expert tier . For expert 25-35M and for Master 35M+ . This will not only create less competition in expert tier , also give the low alliances to grow at a faster pace . This will also make players not to quit the game due to poor rewards . This is the idea I want to share . All comments are welcomed and I want DEVS should consider it .

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Love it…we are just above 25mil though are are just below top 100…would be awesome to see it open…not sure if when the pvp bracket opens the war bracket will also. Muninn said the pvp bracket opens next update. Maybe that means war too, but maybe not…we camt know the time or date until we are told…p.s. gracie is just gonna chill today :rofl:

If that happens , low alliances will get a sigh of relief


Yea… I also feel bad for alliances below the expert’s bracket… & i also want to see some improvement in war match-up… My alliance have about 17m power…but, we got matched-up with alliances having 25m & 20m power…

Hero tokens instead of silver crate is great idea. Better rewards for lower brackets too since a lot of high power players prefer it.

To clarify. Lower brackets require doing math, creating perfect team, actual strategy on map movement, a real war and feel like strategy game, kinda.

Expert bracket is just to flex power over same sectors. The strategy is just who has more time and money to have more power, and who spent hours crafting gear for war coins. Flex for gold.

The lower brackets need rewards that compensate the strategy and play time put in.

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if any DEVS consider this post , it would be great

It seems that your ally dont have a full crew before roosters locking

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The development team reads every post, and all feedback is collected and discussed internally. You won’t necessarily get a reply on every post pinging us. Please be respectful.


After recruiting 15 members… It doesn’t matters at all if we have 20 or 25 members in our ally… Thanks

I also believe there needs to be one more Bracket between Specialist and Expert Bracket for War. There is very high competition in Expert Bracket. With Ruby heroes the gap between a new Alliance in Expert Bracket that is at 15.5M power and a Top Alliance in Expert Bracket is MASSIVE . So a new Bracket should be announced .

I definitely agree there needs to be more brackets in place now that some alliance are at almost 50mil total power. However, I think it could be better to consider adding in more than one extra bracket. It could be worth changing it to 10-20mil, 20-30mil, 30mil+…Maybe even 30-40mil, 40mil+ (unsure how many teams are actually over 40mil). Now that ruby hero’s are out it’s making it much harder for the alliances without ruby hero’s (my alliance is 37mil and we only have one person with ruby) if you come up against a full team like we did this war it’s near impossible to gain ground.

As your alliance power grows so does the per hour, capture and bonus points, bot power per sector. Once the new power bracket opens, most of your request will be answered. Higher rewards in higher brackets is an incentive to grow, keep grinding. Patience padawon

Well looks like the new update didn’t take this in consideration, is all about PvPs now a days…

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