Legendary Skins Idea

There should be more legendary skins and some legendary skins should change the weapon of the character like galante he deserves an assualt rifle.

Legendary skin that teleports on the roll would be cool. I could troll all day with that skin

I understand the developers reasoning for not continuing with skins right now. I’d rather see the improvements to the game then more skins. But I like most of everyone else have gotten used to them. And wonder when will the implementation of the new skins come.

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Would be nice if we just got common skins for the remaining heroes who don’t have any available, at the very least.

Skins take too much time that’s the problem, atm the focus is entirely on new toons and improving what is already available in the game, there are few things left that haven’t been improved or adjusted in the last few updates. I suspect a change to bounty will come and then there will be more skins as this is the last major event that has remained unaltered since the start of the year.

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