Skins - please quality instead of quantity

The skins sometimes look very cool and futuristic. Then again there are skis that are totally boring without any ideas. Just changing the color looks like it’s all about updating a certain amount of skins. Quality instead of quantity would be my request. With Heckler, Salvatore or Steele something is really changed as an example. Mandrake or Surge, on the other hand, are hardly noticeably changed, except for a few minimal color changes.


Common skin changes colour, rare ones the appearance and legendary ones appearance and skill.
Since Dogface already has a common and rare skin And the status boosts are the same, I guess they will release at least one common and rare for each hero.

The hint is good, but if you take Cast or Centurion, they are rare skins - yet there are hardly any changes. I mean, instead of bringing lots of skins where only the color was changed, I’d rather have less but more blatant skins. There’s nothing to be said against making stylistic changes to ordinary heroes as well. One could then anchor the difference from Ordinary / Rare / Legendary in the skin abilities. I myself am always disappointed when I get an ordinary skin out of the box - is that what the developers want?

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