Let's talk about Chesterfield

So the last time it was noted he got adjusted was back in Dec '18. To me, he does good amount of damage with the shotgun, but my current issue with him are his silver/bronze.

Bear Trap:

Yes, this does damage and roots them, but my biggest issue with it is the execution time it takes for him to load it and throw it. By then, the enemy is either dead or now elsewhere. Even in the animation of bear Trap, it’s not the trap that is killing the guy. Chester is shooting them before it even has a chance to activate.

Illumination Flare:

It used to be that you would take continuous damage while in the area of the flare as well as pointing out invisible enemies. Now it’s just a “highlight for crits”. But the issue also remains in the execution and landing. By the time it does land, same thing with bear Trap. The enemy is long gone or already dead.

I’d love to see these moves revamped to make him more useful in battle. A different kind of trap that is effective and is thrown quicker. Flare has its benefits, but as stated before, it’s the execution that bugs me.

Just my 2¢ on the character

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Wasn’t he adjusted sooner than 2018? His weapon was completely changed not long ago and his flare was made more useful

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he did have a mini patch in September of last year, but it did the following:

Whoopsie Daisy! When we re-worked Chestefield’s Signal Flare , we removed some of its utility. We made it better, and gave you a reason to spend Skill Points and Bucks on it! Rejoice!

  • Signal Flare now provides Critical Damage Bonus to Chesterfield as you level it up

other stuff im finding are from 2018

He recently got his weapon overhauled to like an elephant gun rather than a shotgun? That increased his damage massively as well if I remember correctly

I definitely preferred his weapon when it was a shotgun. His flare I like very much, covers the whole map. The biggest problem I have with him is the same problem I have with Fischer…a throwing glitch in the aiming system. It’s a little hard to describe but suffices to say his bear trap tends to land about a quarter mile behind the target I wanted the trap to go to. Same with Fischer.

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I think it’s intentional. It allows you to throw your trap wherever you’re aiming. But it’s weird because you have to aim right at their feet or just beneath them in order for it to land where you want. Sometimes there are cover spots directly behind the enemy. I see it in Bounty. You can hold down the skill button, aim the trap, and let go when you’re satisfied.

With other skills like grenades or bombs, you can only aim at other enemies, but I think Chester and Fischer have more freedom because their skills are traps.

Always wondered why it said to run away from his flare, despite it not doing damage, now I know.

Now THAT’s useful information! Never had any idea you could control trap placement free from being at an actual enemy. So you could actually “lead” a trap throw, theoretically.

I place the trap next to my enemy then the flare on him, he is still affected by flare and trapped done in 7 seconds, then he is dead because chesterfield his damage on em is insane

Like I got paired with someone in Gorgon who was using Chesterfield. The bear Trap was supposed to go to the gorgon at the start. It was thrown to where the second gorgon appears. A complete miss

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He had that big overhaul in August of 2019.

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I literally got him right after that happened, he was so much fun to use, probably why I’m biased to the slug over pellet shotgun. Never got to use the previous one.

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Chester is awesome. But being a trapper his skills are fine the timing little slow but I rather see them be laid out invisible to the other team. He’s a trapper. Not like he gonna show a bear his trap and bear walk into it for him. Be best if the trap was laid out and they didn’t see it until triggered


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