Chesterfield - Hopeless Hunter Drone?

Browsing my roster I saw Chesterfield in there, I wasn’t aware that I unlocked him. He looks so cool and that’s the reason alone I decided to invest in him. He’s soon Gold now, level 66 and I have began to harvest his fragments from the hard campaign missions etc.
But he’s really not good, right? I read some old patch notes and saw he’s been buffed a few times but I still can’t say he’s impressive (more than his armour and his grace). I guess at Platinum he’ll be a bit more efficient but a Gold Chesterfield,
meh or yeh?

I can see the combo trap + flare + shotgun blast doing some damage but it’s a messy set-up for whatever damage it may deal.

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If you set up the combo, he destroys. On Platinum you easyily do 60k with his two shots, plus the damage of baertrap. If you get an energy hero in the combo he is done in seconds.

Would give him a B. His damage output is great, his HP and deff are solid, but with just two bullets and his reload time not beeing the fastest, you cant attack often enough to make him amazing.
Hes great in Bounty and Raids and good at PvP. Wouldnt be my priority Hero fpr Platinum, but worth making him Gold and go for the Frags.

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Thanks! Sounds about on pair with my plans then.
Do you agree that he looks great? One of the best designs in the game?

I love all the robot/machine like designes. Except for Galante. He looks like a badly designed transformer. Fortress and Heckler designes are amazing, too.

And Clyde!
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In my opinion, the best thing he has is the permaroot he gets on Gold. As long as enemy team has no cleanse (like Heimlock), once you get someone in a beartrap, they wont be able to run away.

His gold also increases his mechanical damage per shoot, so he melts any energy hero that steps on its bear trap.

I’ve tested him on duels, vs Phalanx (both plat 8*), and setting the combo (trap + flare), he kills Phalanx in just two shots. I know setting his combo may take a bit of effort, but it increases massively the damage. As the flare also marks, your whole team will be attacking the poor soul who is trapped for extra damage.

Truth is, this is overkill for PvP, so spending his time to set his combo is not worth it most of the time. But in PvE and Bounty, as WalleWu stated, he is a beast that not only hits like a truck, but will increase your whole team damage to the target.

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Hero stats are also something to consider. Chesterfield has little non-elemental damage, but massive elemental damage, meaning he destroys energy heroes with ease. He was extremely useful in the Dojo, and is still a great choice for Energy hero bounties

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This seems to be what he is best at-pve based combat especially for stationary energy targets like bounties. He is a bit too clunky for pvp since it moves fast and if left to AI he wont be handled properly in most cases. I wish that wasnt the case since 10 X crates really like to give him to me…

Idk if i saw wrongly or what, but when I promoted Chesterfield from Gold+3 to +4 I think I saw that the power level decrease. Can someone check please? Thank you :slight_smile: