Chesterfields Beartrap

As we all know Chesterfield is a hero with great potential, but sucks in PvE and PvP. If you manage to set up his combo, he hits like a truck, but it is nearly impossible to hit both skills. The only game mode where he can show his full potential is in bounty. There you have the time to hit both skills.
The only problem is his Beartrap. Even if you aim at the bpunty, the crosshair is red and you aim on the bountys chest, he still manages to throw the trap past him. Sometimes even as far as the next stage. I do not know if it is a bug or intended, but it makes an already hard to use hero even more useless.


Same occurs with Fischer and his silver skill, seems like it has something to do with the skill type and how we tend to aim it 3 states further on a pillar where no hero’s can walk

Maybe try to aim right at their feet. I know Chester’s bear traps can be placed anywhere you want, rather than just where an enemy is like his silver skill does; the game may be thinking you want to throw it behind them instead, but at the same time, throwing it to the next stage doesn’t seem right.

I tried different things, aiming low was one of it, but it did not really help either. It is not that I can never hit it, but the hitbox seems to be really small. It is to unreliabale to be good use.

Anonther thing I noticed is that AoE skills do not work if the target is invisible. It does not really make sense, because the AoE skill should not care if it can see the enemy. Directly applied skills keep doing damage to an invisible target too.
Heroes also seem to forget where the target is, if it gets invisibile while casting. Even if the hero is already in the throwing motion, he forgets where the target was midway through and thows it somewhere random. It makes kind of sense, if it is a skill with charging time like Anvils silver, but if he is already thworing it, it should hit anyway.

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