Fix Chester and Prophet!

  1. Most of the times after full reaload Chester
    shots once and Prophet twice instead
    of 3.
  2. Chester traps don’t work! Enemies just
    ran over them like nothing is on the
  3. Traps takes too long to activate.

I dont have prophet so i can’t speak for him but i do agree with chester… i love chester hes a beast but the trap dont work

I have been playing around with Chester on our dev environment and his traps are working 100% of the time. I’ll play around in the live game to see if I can repro this at all.

I have a Chester idea about his traps:

Chester throws a grenade at the target with a countdown, after 3 seconds it EXPLODES demolishing both cover and target.
The target can dodge it, of course, but little did he know that Chester ALSO planted a trap to either the left of the right of the target. So should he escape the grenade and risk getting caught in the trap instead? Or stand there and take the grenade?

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PAM, my dude. That is somewhat similar to how Keel’s silver works. But neat idea of making the enemy do hard decisions.

And, I think it’s just a small bug or just a lag people experience. My Chester works fine. Can’t say anything about Prophet tho.