Lets talk rewards...coop..bounty...etc

I feel like the rewards arent worth it a lot of times. The coop event that is coming up has golden shoulder pads and thats all that is useful. It would be sweet to switch it up and see some boots or bullets on there.

The one that was a week or so ago where it was just the power cores was pretty useless for me. I have a trillion of those.

Gorgon need some rewards change. If they cut down the canisters and added a random gold plat silver and brozne item…that would be nice. I feel like i cant beat this dead horse much more.

Bounty. The rewards after 7 arent worth it. I have been in many alliances and we rarely got the 6th milestone. Too much work for little reward. I feel.the same for ever milestone after that. Also, Bounty would be legit if there was multiple bosses and a coop.

Just some thoughts…what do you think?


Bounty rewards need to be buffed a lot we are spending much time on bounty especially and the top team gets only 100 universal fragments I think that 100 should be for top 100 and bounty spawning rate must be increased dramatically

Yea bounty spawns are atrocious definitely need boosting. Having to spend millions to just spawn bounties is crazy

Gorgon I think is fine, I need a lot of golden grenades, but it should have more than just grenade gears, elemental raids probably need to have something else, but u can quickwin it so maybe not, bounty definitely needs better rewards, maybe some frags or more useful gear fragments such as platinum ones or random gold ones.
Alliance war is OK I think, but more fragments would be nicer, 20 isn’t really that much

Gorgans need a revamp. I have thousands of granandes of each type since they changed the gear requirements

But now you can use those spare items to buy improvements in alliance wars. So it not like they’re useless now.

Alot of really good suggestions here, unfortunately changing rewards is something that is done so carefully to not spoil everyone. But agreed some revamps need to be made but simply based on the last few updates I would say some bigger changes are coming soon. First coop raids were adjusted and frag limits were introduced, then War was introduced then adjusted, then gauntlet was adjusted, then PVP was adjusted.

Bounty is in theory next on that list along with a new daily raid hopefully :pray:


Welcome to forums and Agree be nice if gorgon got a revamp of rewards less quantity but more items would be greatly welcomed.
The spawn rate of bounties is very low and needs a bump spending millions or getting 2 to 3 from a full hit of energy if your lucky.
I’d like to see the bounty rewards change from the items that we have lots of already to swords etc that most of use now grind for making effort to reach those markets worth it

I’m not sure what you mean by welcome to the forums?

But agreed on bounty spawn rates appear to have dropped a bit, needs more for sure. However GW is fine, it just needs to be replaced with something new for a bit.

Getting those platinum bars is meant to be a difficult grind! Take part in alliance activities and you’ll rack up gems easily, I have over 50k and spend them when upgrading on cores, throwing stars and swords

I believe he was talking to the person who started the post. This is their first time posting anything.

Oh I was confused because they replied to my post :joy::joy::joy:

Lol yeah was welcome as this his first post (Ktisch14)

Yeah I spend loads of alliance crystal etc on sword etc just be nice to get some from other sources more so things like gorgon these days are almost point less thou converting to war tokens helps little.