Bounty needs a revamp as

Bounty needs a revamp by Sunday it feels like work and the rewards are rubbish for the amount of time and money you spend


Eh, the rewards could be better. Compared to Alliance Wars, it kinda doesn’t make sense; you’d think that Bounty (requiring wayyy more time and effort) would have better rewards, but Alliance Wars does, with less effort involved.

If you add up all the milestone rewards with everything, the rewards aren’t that bad. From the milestones alone you get:

400 sta
1.6M cash
5k Alliance Gems
39 mech frags
39 energy frags
39 bio frags
30 universal frags
25 skin tokens
4 plat throwing stars
6 gold throwing stars
4 plat throwing knives
11 gold throwing knives
And bunch of useless crap (bronze/silver gear, skill points, xp, etc.)

Then if you place decently you get another 30+ frags, 100+ PVP Gems, 100+ Gauntlet Gems, 3k+ Alliance Gems, and 10k+ cash

Compared to Alliance Wars, which is a day longer, you only get 10 Kurtz Frags, 5k Alliance Gems, 750k cash, and then 18 plat throwing stars and swords. That’s way less rewards. Bounties give 150 frags, 1.6M cash, 400 sta, 8k Alliance Gems, 100 PVP/Gauntlet Gems, 8 plat/17 gold items that are useful.

Of course Bounties take way longer and are a much more significant time commitment. I like how the devs lowered the time on them a few months back, but it’s still a huge time sink. After the first day it starts to get stale. Playing 100+ of the same mission over 3 days with slightly different targets and stages gets real old, real quick.


Agree with you here, the rewards aren’t that bad if you’re looking at the complete picture. It could be better, sure, but it’s not a catastrophe. I’m even in a top 100 alliance so my rewards are a bit less than those you list, and I spend approx 1 hour doing bounty hunting (and spends zero on it).

A revamp by Sunday? Pretty sure they will need an extension on the project.c

Looks like we missed that deadline… Also was a holiday weekend here.

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To be clear, Nikon is joking. We have not confirmed any changes to the rewards. Not sure if the tone came across!

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I don’t get how people just blather random posts expecting things to happen. I would hope for gauntlet by the next update too, but to slap an arbitrary day and demand it to be done is absurd. Really dumb post @All3y not gonna lie :unamused:

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