More xp options

Hey, I don’t know if anyone has already posted this but I would personally like to see more xp available through some game modes.
Its taking ages to advance as it is and I think it would make people contribute more in some events if they would receive xp for every pvp match, bounty and patrol taken.
Think about it, especially considering it will get harder and harder as we go up.


I thought of this too. Yes there have been a lot more posts about this. And no i don’t think they will. If you log in enough. Got far enough in extreme and spend your stamina on at least district 3 or further you should easily be able to get 5k xp a day

Well if you spend stamina on extreme you cant farm mk5 and mk6 to ruby your heroes. They will need to add more xp sources eventually, especially when they add lvl101-105.

Level 101 - 105 won’t be for awhile.

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Ofc when majority are hardly at 97. But i said eventually.

If memory serves me right, I read somewhere that level 100 is max. I don’t think they’ll increase it.

Idk i kinda thought they would having in mind levels of heroes from campaign mode. Also dont remember seeing they said that, maybe they saidax at this moment.

How you get 5k xp per day explain me? I dont know where i mistaken but i get only 3k per day

Depends how far you unlocked extreme mode, last district gives you a lot of xp for 20 stamina. But like i said we need more sources.

Spend stamina. Gold on stamina. Claim all rewards and do extreme 3 quick wins

xp its fine… just play hard… you can do it buddy✊

You do your thing, ill do mine.

lol of course… go ahead buddy

Theres always room for improvement, if they plan to raise levels further they need to make more options, if 100 is really max level, this is sufficient

just play hard… the game its fine…

Please tell me how playing hard is going to bring you more xp? Since you want to troll my thread.
Do you get xp by playing pvp hard? or bounty? or any other game modes?
Only way to gain more of those is buying it with gold.
I never said theres something wrong with the game, but if we dont want to spend 2 years on next potential 5 levels there needs to be some improvements.
Btw if you keep saying play hard again you are going on my blocl list, really dont want to get off topic.

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Both of you: Keep it classy and follow the forum rules, or I’ll close the topic. Thanks.

Haven’t I?
Anyway, I invest both time and money in this game, really want it to succeed. Don’t need people to troll me :slight_smile: (jazmin)
I guess giving feedbacks and suggestions is important for you guys even in the case this game was running perfectly.

It takes two to tango, and even in your reply, you can’t stop dancing.