Longer lifespan of special skin tokens

I feel that the special skin co-op crates get taken off the game a wee quickly. I mean, event rewards are obtainable a month after event end, so if the crates and tokens could stay at least a day after the co-op events end, that would be lovely.

While the game does indeed give reminder toasts that the tokens expire soon, the timing of those reminders perhaps isn’t entirely ideal. To me they seem to pop up right in the middle of the campaign, since they are so short lived.

If I’m not mistaken, these crates used to stay 24 hrs after the co-op event ended, back in the day. Not sure why that had to change.


The crates have always expired the same time the COOP does. I agree they should be longer but 5 days for an event is a long time still especially for how good the rewards are

I’m not requesting the co-op campaigns themselves to be prolonged, only to get some slack in terms of claiming the rewards. You don’t get 5 full days to claim all the rewards, after all. The tokens of the last reset gives you a 24 hour window to play the co-op and claim the reward. In my time zone the reset happens at 9 PM, so if you do the raids in the evening, there’s very little time for remembering to open a bunch of crates immidiately afterwards. And if you don’t, then tough luck.

And again, the time I start getting the reminder to consume the tokens is I believe two days ahead of time, which is pretty much only midway through the event. I would find the reminder more useful during the last reset, or the last hours of the event, at what time there’s a chance you actually have all the tokens at your disposal.

I agree it can be a pain between reset and using the tokens but you can use the tokens the moment you get them so you never risk them going to waste. Additional for the last 3 days it reminds you, every day at multiple times during the day it reminds you even hours before the raid ends a banner pops up reminding you that they expire soon

I agree too, i forgot to open crates in the last day of event, it should be added a few more day to open the crates when the event end.

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I got 125k bucks from my expired tokens :slightly_smiling_face:

Proud on my in game name :blush:

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Yikes! That’s almost an achievement on its own! :grin:

Got the exlusive skin quite early on myself, so perhaps wasn’t as eager to open the crates as I would otherwise. A bit of shame to miss out on potential core fragments, though.

(Thanks for the war collab, btw :slight_smile: )

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