Looking for a trade partner

So, here it goes, need trade partner for co-ops, while I usually do it with my alliance mates, the timings differ too much, so it’ll be great to have a partner who you know won’t scam you.

One way I avoid scams is I always make sure they send first so I dont get messed over

Most of us will trade honestly but you know you always going to have. a few knuckleheads bad apples just can’t help their self

Try to find friends who have their time zone and their language and if necessary write this in the chats (VIP, Global). I have a lot of friends from different alliances and they all know the following: “If I invite you to a co-op, it is automatically a trade, not a free game”

What level Co-op raids are you talking about ? I can myself trade my Level 60/55 Co-op Raids with you everyday. It’s really hard finding a trade partner in the game .

Just reached 89, and its gonna be at least a week or 2 before I go 90.

That’s my profile, so hmu, ig

Simply make it a habit to add more friends. Doesn’t cost anything.

With all due respect bro, if that was working, I wouldn’t be here, looking for a trade partner would I??