Looking for daily trade partner

Looking to swap phone numbers to text each other for daily trades. I’m level 81, right now just looking to do the level 70.

PM to exchange info

Your alliance maybe?

I highly advise against this plan, maybe have a look in our discord first to try and find a trading partner

Dude, I’m not saying you’re like a stalker or anything (or especially anything more dangerous, since I obviously don’t know you), but really, I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask for phone numbers on a public forum.

Internet safety and all that, bud. No offense intended.


Sing, think this through. Would you put your phone number on a business card and leave a stack of cards at your local coffee shop? Just because you met the person in person for 5 minutes, doesn’t make it safe. Besides, you think a stalker, child molester or rapist is going to play to level 80 in hero hunters to do bodily harm? Where’s that tapjoy award?

It’s a phone number, adults give it out daily.

What harm can you do with a phone number that you can’t do with discord already? You can call me from different numbers as I block you? I can create more fake discord names than I can phone numbers.


It’s not the fact of giving out said phone number it’s the act of what can be done with it, all sorts of scams and god knows what can be signed up for using said phone number. Using discord you can block someone and be done with it, once someone has your number the only way to stop them having it is to delete it and change numbers. Be aware of the dangers of handing out personal information which cannot easily be hidden again.

I’m not 16. You would be getting the google voice number anyway. lets do this brother!

Try calling Jenny. 867-5309