Issue regarding Trading!?

I need to know how come some of us didn’t get the feature to do in-game trading? Why do we have to download an app to trade? How come all the newer players got this in-game trading feature?? I’m sure there’s a lot of people that wanna know the answer to these questions as well.

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You have entirely misunderstood what a trade means. When someone asks for a trade it means they want to trade their coop raid for your coop raid instead of running it on auto.

Take for example Person A and Person B.

If person A and B put their coop raid on auto match then it spends both of their raids but you only get to run it once.

If person A invited Person B to a coop raid then it only spends Person A’s raid so then Person B can run it again with their trade partner.

This is what trading it, it is entirely for raids only. So you will see CH90 or GW90 or Dojo90 or Helios90 or currently Bee90. These are the name of coop raids and their level that they want to trade.


What do u want 2 trade bro?
It depends upon situation & ur demands… I think u r talking about something else or may be I am confused.

May b u r talking bout coop raids trade if I am right

I don’t see it much often now but back 2 years ago many high level players would use new player’s win in the form of helping them.

If someone told you to download a separate app to trade, don’t listen to them. Might be some kind of scam.


Maybe he’s talking about trading accounts :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Be careful from Scammers… But, yea… Good to see ur curiosity… Have a great day dio:)

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