Looking for an alliance that can take a joke

To be fair, I got kicked for making a “you are the big gay” joke… for the third time. Honestly, are people this sensitive?

In-game name is LurkerRiot. Go roast me over a fire.

I can definitely take a joke. But I guess after 3 rejection… a guy should take a hit

As commander for the alliance in topic here I must state a few things:
You getting kicked was not consulted with me. It was one of the Officers who got sick of your constant annoying provocation attempts. I wouldn’t have kicked you (I even invited you!) but his decision is the decision of a grown up and he’s been officer for quite a while so I trust in the actions he make for the alliance. I would have liked having you with us till the end of the bounty event but we’re kicking the low-scorers out after the events and that’s where you would have gotten the boot from me. :slight_smile: No hard feelings, I hope? After all it’s a game in a mobile phone device.


There’s no need to be annoying, I would have kicked you too.


@ULFPAM @Groo28

So I got kicked for being annoying? Oh cool! I can scratch that one off the bucket list.

No seriously, that’s a first.

Sounds like you were kicked for being immature.

That’s not appropriate behavior. You may receive a permanent chat ban if you continue.