Make Reward Brackets by Top Percentage instead of by Range

I think as more and more people start playing this game, it would be better if rewards were given in terms of percentage rather than range. For example instead of top 50-99 getting a particular reward, it would like top 10% or top 30% or whatever. This would keep players motivation up even if they slightly drop in rankings from one week to the next because they still earn the same reward for the same amount of effort. I played a game called Mortal Kombat that had this system and it worked really well. This would also make the develops job easier in the long run by not having to keep adding or adjusting brackets as more people join. Of course the top 3 or 10 or whatever can still have a special reward


I agree. As the game grows, I feel this would be a much better option than the current one.
Maybe the rewards bracket could look something like this:

Ranks 1-10 (TOP REWARDS)
Highest 1%
2% - 5%
6% -10%
11% - 30%
31% - 50%

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