PVP Bracket bug

I know, it used to be bugged to where if you played 1 game you pretty much automatically got top 15% (I miss the hell out of that…) but theres still some bugs in the % bracket. It almost acted like it was back to the point bracket yesterday. I was ranked around 230 in the ELITE Bracket and it said that was top 75% then I figured ok, well must he alot more people in this bracket than I thought. But I kept playing and the % still seemed off because of how weird the rank to % seemed. But anyways I got to rank 102 and it said I was in the top 25% still. Which is almost impossible if roughly 230 is top 75%. not to mention rank 102, said top 25% but I still had to go through the top 15% division before I reached the top 100 division. Anyone else feel like the Percentage is off by alot in the pvp brackets?

(I have a screenshot but it isnt allowing me to post in the original post.)


Same, I was high 100’s and still had me top 25%. Dang, thought I was the only one that was experiencing that

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Read neighbor thread. My top 25% start from 134 position, lol. In other divisions this is start from TOP 500.

You just got to get top 100 :wink:

(aka contact support and let them know about it)

Support is incompetent. They always write standard text and then close the ticket.

I reach TOP 100 and may say what Elite Division don’t have TOP 15% tier now. Even 102-103 positions is still TOP 25%.

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Not necessarily incorrect mathematically since the numbers are dynamic.

What could’ve happened is that while you were rank 230, you were top 75% because at that time, there were at least 306 people in your bracket.

Then as you climbed ranks to top 102, you’re now top 25% because more players have entered the bracket (for example maybe some players jumped power from 999,999 to 1,000,001), or alternatively more 1M+ players joined the tournament. At rank 102, there are at least 408 other players other than yourself.

But once you entered the top 100, the system recognises your top 100 placing rather than your top 25%, or 15%, placing.

In order for the system to recognise top 15% from the 101st-ranking player onwards, there have to be a minimum of 666 players in your bracket (which I am guessing, there aren’t). Therefore, there is no Top 15% rewards tier applicable to your bracket, because the system would rather put you inside the top 100 reward tier, than the top 15% reward tier.


So what? This is not my problems. If system is so broken they may remove TOP 15% from ladder. Now is laugh in face. I sick and tired from permanent problems, troubles and issue during WHOLE last year during EACH update.

Ummmm did you read it properly? The system is the opposite of broken, it is working as intended. If you want better rewards get top 100 simple :man_shrugging: PVP is easier then it has ever been before due to bracket separation


There are major inconsistencies in pvp brackets. Support agreed and said they’d forward to correct team? The people that say pvp is easier now are in a non broken bracket, or just always in top 100. Please devs look at the pvp bracket rewards.

It would also be nice to see how many active players are in your bracket in a tourney.

If support said they would pass the reports along, then they did. They can’t press a button and enact changes. They’re following protocol. Thanks.

This is an issue with too few people sorted into that particular bracket. It can be a bit confusing. I’ve brought it up with the team, and we’ll investigate potential issues.


Thanks @Sing that makes more sense. I assumed everyone who was in that bracket was automatically IN the bracket and accounted for in the Percentages and advanced once they started to play as opposed to; technically being benched, then they play and jump into the leaderboards.

The problem I see with the bracket is it’s backwards. In mystic and above, you have a top 500. There’s only 94 people competing in mystic. None in legendary. Everyone’s guaranteed to get division 5 or above. Go to elite and below, you have a top 10 then all percentages. Yet there are many more people competing in these brackets. Making it extremely tough to get top rewards.

Edit: Actually the most fair thing to do is make the whole thing percentages. If there was 10,000 people or more in every bracket the system would work just fine. There’s just not that many people playing.


On the surface only. The number of people you are competing with drastically differs in different brackets, as you have pointed out. Hence, in a more competitive bracket you end up doing alot more (and possibly getting less rewards), than in a less competitive tier.


I see your point. I am, for now, 148 with 18.6 mil. I’m in the top 25% for elite right now. I just made it to 25%. So there are just over 600 in elite.

Someone said they wish it showed how many people are competing in a bracket. I think that would be very helpful to everyone trying to figure out where they stand.

The figure is between 986 and 592, assuming no one else joined your bracket since then.

I’ve also checked the LB and with your current 18.593 million points:

  • You would rank #157th place in Champion bracket which is 1 tier lower down. Do note that Champion bracket has more than 2500 players, which will make your 157 rank well within top 7 %. That said, Elite top 25% where you are right now gives you more rewards than Champion Top 7%.

  • In Mythic, ie 1 tier higher up, you would rank 44th place. 44th place in Mythic gives more rewards than Top 25% in Elite.

I am just gonna leave this here as an explanation for y’all, was posted on another thread

TLDR; They removed top 100 to stop people from being lazy and quit playing the tourney once they get their rank, this is done to combat the lack of players in each bracket. At least 10 people are guarunteed to play every tourney so a top 10 works fine but top 7% replaced top 100 in favour of keeping people who are rank 11-rank x from stopping playing. This is done to increase competitiveness