Very Annoying

You know it’s annoying as hell when either you are top 500 or 1000 or you are at the bottom of the pile in PvP
What are the use of have other brackets if either I am in top 500 in PvP or top 100% ???
Please do something about it

You are in the top 100% for your bracket only, being in 500th place means you are in the top 100% if only 500 people are playing in your bracket.

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If Ranking is right, then it’s not hard to understand.
As Gale said, there is only 500 player’s contributing in this event.

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So the two responses didn’t understand what he means. Why have a 15% 25% 35% etc if there isn’t enough players to utilize those brackets. The only way to do this is to actually us use places top 100, 200, 300 etc.

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That’s exactly what I said in another post. You can’t have both a top something and a percentage. The only way that works is if you have enough person participating to make a percentage worth it. To make the percentage worth it right now you would have to have over 5000 people competing in a bracket. There’s not that many in the higher tier brackets. Until such time they really need to make it one or the other .

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That’s because it’s meant to be a generic system… Im honestly shocked at how people can’t seem to understand that this system is meant to scale to whatever size the game is. Everyone’s clamoring to shoehorn a “now” solution that will be completely irrelevant in a couple months as the pkayerbase grows.

Honestly, the new division system is one of the better and more needed changes in recent history.


It would be a better system if they made the whole thing percentage. Doing both and not having enough participants to make the percentages work ends up screwing people. They dropped below the top 500 next thing they know their four to five divisions below that. You can’t do both if there’s not enough people participating. One or the other.

I am fine with the tiering system, BUT maybe something can be done to correctly scale the difference in rewards between 500th and 501st player, because in the current situation 500th player gets 3x more than 501st.

I don’t think there is a solution honestly, it entirely depends on the type of tourney, not many people playing the current one because rewards are crappy but a tourney with 100 frags of 2 toons and 400 energy for top 100 get’s several thousand playing in each bracket. It will never be equal for every bracket or event unforuntly

I was 617 and still considered top 100% even though 117 places from rank 500 tier

Yeah that’s the problem when not many people playing in your tier, its event by event. On the bright side it means getting top 100 is easy, I win probs 10 matches a day when i cba and easily stay in top 100 so the less competitors for you, the better

I agree with @Sing & @The_Green_Goblin
As much as I like this new ranking system, but something should be done for percentage, I tried to keep track of my rank and my percentage rank in recent events (champion bracket), there was no more than 3500-4000 player’s (maximum) in any event.
They should do something about division rewards and percentage.

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This is true. Elemental wars I was rank 505 and was in division 6. So 3 to 4 people got each of those division rewards only. I finished in the top 500 but I took note of that.

The new tournament today with the changes across the board with percentages is horrible. Who in their right mind came up with this failed system?

Please change it to top 10, 10, 500, so it’s fair and easy to understand.

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