Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2022!

Ho Ho Ho, Hunters!

It’s time for a jolly Hunt! This Holiday season, the Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt is making a return! Destroy the presents to earn holiday tokens to get awesome prizes in the Holiday Store!

Make your way through Normal, Hard, and Gauntlet game modes and find all 100 presents:

common 60 Common presents

rare 30 Rare presents

legendary 10 Legendary presents

From December 11th UTC (December 10th PST) until January 3rd UTC (January 2nd PST), find and shoot all the presents and you’ll be awarded:

2 x Hero Crate Tokens
1 x Gilded Crate Token

And now, for the best part…drum roll

This gorgeous “Arctic Huntress” rare skin for Astrix, as she puts on a mask to become an icy fox!

And this amazing portrait:
image (5)

Happy hunting, everyone! :snowflake: :snowman: :snowflake:


Absolutely amazing skin, wonderful scavenger hunt! Thank you deca!

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Rewards definitely should be higher for finding all 100 presents (would create a bigger incentive to grind the game because it takes lots of time) but other that that looks good!

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Love the skin
Thanks deca

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Thank you for the feedback, Faze! I also just want to remind everyone that there will be some very nice rewards in the Holiday Store as well :blush:


Will her skin be a plus skin? Aka able to upgrade to level 6? If so when will the other holiday skins be able to upgrade to level six as well? I love some of the skin models but if there are better level options I can’t use them! But overall great new skin

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Most likely it will, if not it’s a big disapointment, but all these skins have been for a while and most likely will be

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Hello! Thanks for the question! Yep, Astrix’s skin will be a plus one. :blush:

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And in response to that, when will skins such as the Christmas skins for savage and halo be made plus if ever?

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I don’t think any skin has ever been converted into a plus skin before,

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There has. With several skins actually

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Yeah I know a good few which have. I just wish some of the older seasonal ones will become plus so I might use em again xD

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Really? I never knew that, wish all skins could just be that by default but that is cool!

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Hopefully no presents in Gauntlet. Having to reset gauntlet and replay the whole thing is always the worst part of treasure hunt for me… especially if you have multiple accounts. :slight_smile:


Was a little fun but also iritating, but having pumpkins/eggs/presents in pvp is a much better choice


Thanks for the suggestions! I am not aware of such plans currently, but in my opinion, it depends on whether the skin was ever intended a plus one or not. I will definitely share the sentiment with the team.

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