Hero Buffs - 6.3




:arrow_right: Power changed from 31 126 to 33 671
:arrow_right: Health changed from 1 003 700 to 1 178 737
:arrow_right: Damage changed from 31 918 to 34 669
:arrow_right: Elemental damage changed from 44 208 to 46 943
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 6 264 to 7 358
:arrow_right: Elemental armor changed from 4 684 to 4 396
:arrow_right: Offensive mod changed from x1110 to 1202.5
:arrow_right: Elemental defensive mod changed from 1295 to 1480


:large_blue_diamond: Damage Per Second: changed from 75 126 to 81 612
:large_blue_diamond: Damage Per Shot: changed from 23 350 to 25 033

*Without the additional damage from his Platinum and Ruby Ability


Bronze Ability: Holo Double

:black_small_square: Creates a Holo Double that will automatically attack enemy targets.

The Holo Doubles has 452 625 Health (was 370 575), and deals 33 028 Damage per second (was 24 148) and 30 393 Elemental Damage per second (was 30 303).

Only 4 Holo Doubles may be active at once (was 3 Holo Doubles).

Holo Double will die when changing waves but reduce cooldown by 50%

Silver Ability: Aberration

:black_small_square: Fires a hardlight wave towards the targeted enemy hitting any enemies caught in its path, dealing 130 832 Damage (was 121 069) and 153 360 Elemental Damage (was 145 040) to each target hit.

For each active Holo Double this ability fires an additional shot.

*Due to the increase of the possible active Holo Doubles, this ability can shoot up to 5 projectiles (including Halloway)

Gold Ability: Synchronize

:black_small_square: Whenever this Hero takes damage, up to 119,383 incoming Damage (was 101,880) is distributed between each active Holo Double.

Whenever a Holo Double is killed, this Hero reduces the cooldown of Bronze Ability:Holo Double by 20% (was 15%).

Platinum Ability: Solidify

:black_small_square: This Hero gains 194 757 Health (was 153 319) and deals an extra 19 276 Damage (was 17 818) and each Holo Double gains 292 137 Health (was 191 649).

Ruby Ability: Doing Damage

:black_small_square: The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a 25,779 Elemental Attack Damage bonus (was 24,329), as well as 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.


Increased Holo Double damage per shot by ~25%



:arrow_right: Power changed from 31,476 to 34,288
:arrow_right: Health changed from 1,198,900 to 1,512,050
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 8,253 to 9,129
:arrow_right: Elemental armor changed from 6,131 to 6,397
:arrow_right: Defensive mod changed from x2081.25 to x2543.75
:arrow_right: Elemental defensive mod changed from x2035 to x2127.5


:large_blue_diamond: No changes!


Bronze Ability: Siphon
:black_small_square: Deals 150,000 Damage (was 96,251) to the targeted enemy, recovering Health equal to 200% of the Damage dealt and inflicting Heal Block for 12 seconds (was 10).

Silver Ability: Corruption
:black_small_square: Corrupting tendrils lash out at all enemies on the battlefield dealing 140,731 Elemental Damage and inflicting Heal Block for 10 seconds. - No stat changes!

Gold Ability: Consume

:black_small_square: Whenever this Hero damages an enemy, she and a random allied Hero recover Health equal to 50% of the Damage dealt, up to 38,913 Health (was 31,398).

Platinum Ability: Undying :black_small_square: Whenever this Hero is above 50% Health she improves all Healing Received by 50% and Taunts the enemy team.
Whenever this Hero takes damage while above 50% Health, 50% of incoming Damage, up to 21,163 Damage (was 17,092), is distributed to a random ally.

Ruby Ability: Tanked Up

:black_small_square: A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains a 4,290 Elemental Armor (was 4,148) bonus and deals an additional 16,950 Damage to Covers.


  • Reduced Cooldown of “Bronze Ability: Energy Flow” by ~15%
  • Increase cooldown reduction from weapon hits for “Bronze Ability: Energy Flow” by ~15% - Reduced Cooldown of “Silver Ability: Corruption” from 18 seconds to 16 seconds
  • Increased Casting speed of “Silver Ability: Corruption” by 50%
  • Fixed a minor text visual bug with "Platinum Ability: Undying

Just wish they had a bit more power…

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That’s what buffs are, more power. The changes are written right there :rofl:

Yes I know what a buff is, I’m saying I wish it was more than that.

Halloways holograms need to not disappear when waves change. Often times his silver cannot be taken full advantage of because waves end, destroying the holograms. This heavily hinders his dps capabilities. His power honestly doesnr deserve a raise with this current fault in halloways dps capability l