Mauler and Fischer vs. Boss/Bounty fights

Both Mauler and Fischer have bronze skills that can potentially do 25% of the target’s remaining health. These skills do not work on bosses. I would like to suggest an alternative damage mechanic for damaging bosses. Instead of doing 25% of the boss’s remaining health on bronze strike, how about doing that damage as a DOT or just making the hit do 3x or 4x damage vs. bosses. This would bring some value to these heroes in boss/bounty fights.

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Its a pretty tough thing to balance both of those skills. They have very low base damage numbers because of the potential of them being really strong. If they were allowed to proc those damage numbers, both heroes could potentially do over 8 million damage with one ability, hence why they don’t work in bounty. Even if the bounty is down to only 4 million health you are still doing 1 million with one ability and that’s with out bonus damages.

Additionally, since both of these skills could technically be used at bronze level with the skill still at 1 point and still do that crazy amount of damage, I’d rather not see any change that includes % damage, just so much abuse would come out of that.

The only change I’d like to see is having Fischer’s skill be elemental damage. Mauler already has enough damage in his set to make him still a strong damage dealer. Other then that I think they will just stay as a skill better suited for other modes and don’t need to be fixed to specifically make them better in bounty events.

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Yep I think mauler viper strike should do damage equals to 25% of remaining health of bounty . If it happens mauler will become a mega beast in bounty …

…how about 5%? Or 3%? I agree that these skills shouldn’t lose all of their oomph against bosses, but they should lose some. 3% of all but the biggest bounties is less than a million, 5% is no more than about 1.8m (barring bonus bounties).

You say 1.8 million like it’s even remotely reasonable :joy: That’s bat-shit insane levels of damage! One ability hit from a non-bonus hero doing 7-figure damage?! It’d maybe make sense to do 1/10 of that but the truth is that percentage-based abilities are designed around standard hero hp pools. They just simply don’t make sense in the context of bounty.

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Yeah. You’re right. Using a percentage dmg vs. bosses just doesn’t work. But there needs to be some mechanic that’s better than 10k dmg. That was the other part of my suggestion; either a 3x or 4x multiplier off that base. So 30k-40k dmg off the special vs bosses. Anything would be better than a kick in the codbag. Mauler at least brings stuns and disorients to the table but Fischer is still terrible. His dps drops vs bosses, if he uses a special, and i feel that he needs something to drag him up from bottom rung of the ladder.

There is - his regular bullets :stuck_out_tongue:. I very rarely use any hero skills in bounty aside from a select few. Phalanx, Saph, and Mauler’s silver are all worth it for example. But for the vast majority of heroes, you’re losing damage if you’re firing off their skills because there’s no way to do as much damage as you’re missing via the opportunity cost of not firing your standard weapon.

Sad, but generally speaking true.

Most damage dealing heroes have at least one skil that is useful in bounty. If you are able to Max that skill out.

There are many skills that do decent damage, yes; but very few that do MORE damage than the hero’s standard weapon.

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