Bounty status for fischer

Surge lift should silence fischer and mandrake, we can’t go invisible while we are in a PVP match when we have been hit with those skills why does fischer and mandrake in bounty able to use a skill when they are lifted ?

Please make it so when certain skills are used against hero’s that should basically make the most unable to be used that it actually does the job. A lifted hero shouldn’t be able to use ANY skill.

I’ve had the same issue hunting him using Min - given she steals skills he shouldn’t go invisible or so I thought…:frowning:

I avoid fischer bounty with fervor.


I find it rather amusing (annoyed) that fischer is invincible to Pris’s silver ability if he happens to go stealth just prior to the stun effect taking place.

Not sure if that is a bug or if he is immune to CC affects while in stealth. Or perhaps his platinum allows him to avoid its effect. Which I guess is highly probably if he gets stacks from minions dying all around him.


For Fisch / Mandrake / Saphyr or Min, I brought Ifrit in my squad, his showtime skill can cancel their invisibility … Quite helpful even in automode…

I hate these bounties and just let others take care of them lol

Fischer is the worst Hero in the game… He needs huge buffs not nerfs lol.

He’s very easy to fight in bounty, just take Wesson, Night, Ifrit.

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I would personally like to disagree.

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Stuns and drains won’t effect any passive skills. Mandrake’s team invisibility and Fischer’s invisibility proc are both passive skills.

Nham, sorry I was referring to him in PvP. Yes his 25% max hp attack is good for PvE but mauler does the same and blows him out the water.

Nah just screwin with ya lol. (I was hacking XD)

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