Fischer Invisibility for Bounty

I’m not sure how much of a concern this is for PVE or PVP play so this post is only focusing on Bounty.

I think Fischers Wetwork skill needs to be capped at a certain amount of charges. The last bounty, I noticed there were periods of time when my heroes were doing absolutely no damage to Fischer.

When looking at his submerge skill, it can trigger every 4 seconds and lasts for 5 seconds. Wetwork activates each time submerge does and triggers 15% evasion. So technically it’s possible that Fischer could have 100% evasion after 7 triggers which makes him invincible. Considering bounties take a lot of shots at them, I’d suggest Wetwork gets capped at 5 to ensure that it doesn’t become impossible to kill Fischer who is already one of the more frustrating bounties to hunt anyway.

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If you manual against him and have another person go in at the same time you do he can be cleared in 1 shot

Try using heroes such as night, ifrit, chester, and wesson. As these heroes have the mark skill. Usually using night, ifrit, and min will do just fine vs bio bounties who can turn invisible. Mins silver can hit invisible targets which will steal 50% of their cooldown and distribute it to night and ifrit which will basically mean that fischer will never turn invisible vs you. Doing the max damage you could do with the heroes you have chosen to take in.

The problem isn’t his invisibility. I know how to counteract that. It’s that when submerge is activated, whether or not fischer is invisible, a charge of wetwork is added which makes him get 15% evade. When submerge is activated 7 times, Fischer gets 105% evade which makes him invincible.

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I noticed this to

20 letters

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Yup. It’s mainly most noticeable when you attack Fischer with heroes that have a high rate of fire. They tend to activists submerge most often which, in turn, triggers wetwork. Wetwork should cap off charge at 5. Even then, he’s at 75% evade which is very high and makes him hard to hit.

Also skills somehow don’t work when he’s invisible, oro is a great example, he stands in a electric field but it doesn’t damage him.

What also annoys me, Fischer and sapphyr keep their stealth when the wave switches, so every enemy keeps their buff, but damage skills or mark debuffs are lost when it switch.

This makes a lot of hero’s useless in bounties.

This is correct. It caps at 5 charges.


Gotcha - thanks for the response. Didn’t know if it did since the cap wasn’t in the description for the skill. Thanks for the clarification!

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