Mauler + ifrit bug

Plat Mauler and Ifrit are a well-known beast combination, but I wonder if there is anyone noticed an unfair bug.

Gold skill of ifrit can cause harm to the component when plat mauler exist. But even if mauler was killed during life debt (ifrit gold skill) is on, the harm from mauler’s plat skill still continues.

When plat halo exist, massive damage is made which is actually from nowhere.

It need to be fixed.

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i’m sorry im just confuse, ifrit gold skill is health bonus right?
i do understand the combination of ifrit silver + mauler plat + halo plat
or do you mean ifrit silver?
and the bugs is ifrit silver still damaging the enemies even when mauler dies?

thanks, my wrong.

Ifrit silver lol.

You understand what I say.

I do not think it is a bug, more a bad way Maulers plat is applied.
My guess is, that as soon as an opponent is confused, the confusion time is linked to the damage, so these two skills melt into one skill that has damage over time and these continue even if the hero that applied them is dead. Like for example Scums skills. So not a bug, but something that should be looked into.

Once Mauler is dead, his skills shouldn’t apply anymore.

This goes for every over time skill, healing, stun, silence, shield, all should be removed if that is the case when a hero dies

It is only applied, once he is dead you still have the applied Plat mauler ability to run its course. It’s only 4 or 5 seconds application

yeah, i think its a general bug
you know, even sometimes when your heroes or enemies heroes dead, you can see the buff or debuff status still active under the heroes icon

It’s not really a bug I think, if I hit you on the head and you have a concussion, and you kill me right after it, is the concussion gone then?

please don’t use the real life situations otherwise i’m gonna bring reviver everytime i go out :sweat_smile:

it is true for debuff tho, but i think the posters feels like when mauler dies his plat shouldn’t be triggered by ifrit because its not a debuff but a damage caused by a debuff (this is why i mentioned the buff/debuff icon under the heroes icon and it mislead me)

Well, in the end it depends if this intended by the devs or not

It only works when mauler is alive if he’s dead it doesn’t trigger when it’s activated again, and we have revivers a defibrillator haha