Mauler Plat skill bug

Dear HotHead Games,
It has come to my attention that there is an major issue with Mauler’s Discombobulate (Plat) skill.
While the skill’s description says that 'All disorientated enemies will take Bio-Chem Damage per second, when the skill activates, the disorientated enemies will only take one tick of the damage, meaning to say that if the enemy is inflicted with Discombobulate and the description claims they will take 100 Bio-Chem Damage per second, they will only take 100 Bio-Chem damage at the end of the duration of the disorientation.
I feel that this is a major bug that needs to be fixed ASAP as not only did I feel indignant after being so hyped to unlock the skill, it is undoubtedly underpowered due to this and could also mislead new players that want to take up Mauler and one of the heroes they will be focussing on. I appeal to you to make the change quickly and create a fun experience for both old and new players of Hero Hunters. Thank you for your time and patience.

With regards,

I just started upgrading him, hopefully what you said is just a bug and can be fixed

Took him platinum 3or4 days ago and you’re right I noticed the same thing I thought it was just me thanks for Saying something

I can confirm that this is in fact a bug. We are preparing a fix for this as I type. It should be fixed for everyone shortly.


Thank you
hopefully nobody has a problem with me saying that