The most frustrating bug I've ever experienced

Most of us know how ‘lovely’ is the fact that someone you just killed gets revived.

But killing them a second time, just for them to stay alive is honestly infuriating.

Gammond’s portrait is crossed. He is impervious to damage, yet he is healing his allies and shooting.
At the end I got rewarded 20 gems for killing Gammond, but I lost the fight because an immortal hero somehow helps a lot.


WTF… I thought I was just dreaming earlier. I saw a silver cast, he’s the only one left, healing himself. I think nightingale was the only healer that time, no ifrit. I thought that cast was at gold already and to my surprise in the results screen he was at silver 0.

Do you know this player?
TBH I’ve seen shady stuff as well and been meaning to ask customer service to look into it but I figured that sometimes shit lags.

I encountered this problem before maybe 1-2 times. I thought it was just some bug and the character didn’t do any damage or healing but just the graphic was there. I didn’t pay attention to if they were still doing damage.

Is not the player hacking or anything like that, because I have experienced this bug myself. Is a problem with Flatline, and now, Ifrit.

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Ditto. Notice Caine standing below the timer. Very dead and very still shooting.

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@GTSaiko, I noticed that with Flatline n Ifrit matches too

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