April Update Notes

Hello Hunters!

Here are the notes for our Amazing April Update which is out now!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

What’s New?

District 9 - Morlock’s Den

Deeper beyond Kurtz’ hidden lab lies the Morlock’s Den – a hostile place for most, it has become a haven for the lawless Morlocks.

New Heroes

Sapphyr Callidus
Patriots Morlocks
A stealthy assassin. A relentless attacker who prevents enemies from healing, and picks apart debuffed enemies with ease. A malicious brawler. A sustainable frontline assault that steals enemy Health and prevents enemies from healing.


Team Level 60

  • Hunt up to our new Team Level Cap

Platinum Skills

  • As we have now unlocked Team Level 60, you will now be able to level your Heroes up to level 60 too!
  • That means unlocking Platinum Skills!
  • Every Hero in the game will now have access to unlock Platinum Skills once they reach Platinum grade!

Alliance Store

  • Placing in Alliance Events will now grant you Alliance Points
  • With the addition of Alliance Points, we are adding a new Alliance Store Front
  • You will be able to access this from the Alliance menu
  • This provides Hunters another place to get more Hero Fragments, Gear, and Hero XP
  • Join an Alliance now!


  • Keep your Chat Menu organized by closing your Private Messages!

ReplayKit Live

  • You will now be able to use Apple’s ReplayKit Live!
  • Stream live to Youtube, Facebook, and more streaming platforms!
  • Head to the options menu to Turn on/off the Broadcasting menu
  • Once you have turned Broadcasting on, your broadcasting menu will appear at the bottom of your screen
  • By tapping the Broadcast button you will be able to select what streaming service you want to stream with!

Champion PvP Bracket

  • We have added a new Bracket to PvP Tournaments
  • The Champion Bracket will be for Hunters at the Level Cap (In the April Update, it will be 60)
  • Leaderboard placement rewards will be higher for those competing in Champion Bracket.
  • Rookie / Competitor / Challenger / Champion
    Rookie Competitor Challenger Champion

Other Notes

  • By request from the streamers and content creators our there, we have added Music and SFX Volume sliders into the options menu.

Hero Changes

Mandrake Mandrake

Adjusted Relocation:

  • Cannot use skills while Stealth is active.

Adjusted Survival Instincts:

  • Added a minor activation delay.
  • Stealth expires after a maximum duration or until 50% Health is recovered.

Artemis Artemis

Improved Rain Of Arrows:

  • Increased Damage.

Improved Tracking Shot:

  • Added “Mark” to the targeted enemy.
  • Increased Elemental Damage.

Reworked Huntress:

  • Added Cloak at start of match.
  • Removed Team Bonuses.

Salvatore Salvatore

Improved Heavy Ordnance:

  • Increased Damage.

Improved Toxic Blindness:

  • Increased Elemental DoT.

Improved Caustic Grenades:

  • Added a % Chance on any Damage Dealt by this Hero.
  • Added Elemental Damage Multiplier to the enemy.
  • Replaced Elemental DoT with 1-shot Elemental Damage.
  • Removed Armor reduction.

Reworked Toxic Residue:

  • Only provides Bio-chem bonus damage to Bio-chem Heroes.

Prophet Prophet

Adjusted Amp Up:

  • Reduced bonus Elemental Attack Damage

Reworked Spectre:

  • Added Bonus Health and a charge of Amp Up on killing blow.
  • Removed Cloak on killing blow.

Ronin Ronin

Reworked Honorbound:

  • Added Scaling Attack bonuses for each Ally below Ronin’s Health.

Surge Surge

Reworked Helping Hand:

  • Added Movement Speed Bonus.
  • Increased Reload Speed Bonus.

Operator Operator

Improved Restoration:

  • Reduced cooldown.
  • Increased Heal over Time.

Improved Recuperate:

  • Increased Heal over Time.

Galante Galante

Improved Jouste:

  • Added self Shield equal to damage dealt.

Heavy Cavalry:

  • Fixing an issue with Heavy Cavalry’s damage reduction.

Yanlong Yanlong

  • Fixing an issue with Dig In’s damage reduction.

Hero Drop Locations

  • Galante being replaced in Into the Dojo Co-Op Raid, so get him now!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Android users will be redirected properly to Facebook when the Facebook app is installed
  • Fixed a misplaced UI divider in the Co-Op Raid HUD
  • Hero names are no longer translated in German
  • “Last Active” stat indicator should say “Online Now” if the user is online now
  • Made Phalanx’s shield less intrusive to aiming
  • Fixed an issue the caused some Achievements to not tally correctly


Bonjour j’aimerait vous signalé le fait que depuit la sortie de sette mise a jour moi et plusieurs autre joueur crash sans aucune raison j’espère que ce probleme pourra etre reglé rapidement. Merci et bonne continuation

After update game crashing!every battle ends with crash!
Can u fix it!