Meta changing teams

Right now as we know it the meta is dog bolox so we should find new teams that can change the meta here is my team that razielo came up with okay so your gonna need atleast gold Francoise vanguard butter Caine and DPS of your choice preferably odachi or maven try this team out and see how it goes for you Submit your ideas for meta changing teams in this game after doing some all plat testing this team slays or can outank most DpS like panzers and dog faces what do you think of it I call it the van Fran combo

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I like the idea, so here is a team that I sometimes use :

  • Butter
  • Hideo (very good interrupt and dps)
  • Matador
  • Odachi
  • Nightingale

Not OP or bad, just average :slight_smile:

I like to run a few teams that have synergy. Usually run these in gauntlet but have tried them in pvp. I was able to win a few but one or two always died. So couldn’t run the teams for an extended amount of time lol.

Team 1 “Hard to kill”


Team 2 “no where to run”


Neither these teams are going to win you a ton of battles but they are fun.

Post-healing nerf it is possible to punch through heal/revive teams. Doing very well with an adjusted team in the new meta.


Current winrate in Wesson patch is ~85%, around 100 matches in at 40k power level.


Does not care about revive teams. This team will kill your Flatline twice, with or without Phalanx/Heim

DPS able to easily overwhelm healing, killing key targets before clutch heals

Balanced composition


Min-maxers, especially Panzer min-maxers. Two thirds of my losses come from Panzer min-maxers.

DPS heavy teams (3 or more) can get a kill on your team since you have no revives, impossible to lose against though

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I actually had a lot of success running with chester team. If you get a good combo you can pretty much kill anyone.

In the Wesson/Butter Brawl I am currently using:

  • Baron
  • Panzer (I’ve replaced her with Oracle sometimes but that has a sligthly lower win %)
  • Wesson
  • Nightingale
  • Caine

to decent effect

a surprisingly strong team I’ve run in the past month is also (this is a Plat exclusive team):

  • Mauler
  • Halo
  • Ifrit (for his showtime, not his revive)
  • Caine
  • Moss

the amount of incidental damage this team does from Mauler’s Plat combined with Halo’s Gold is surprisingly high.

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I’m using this team in PvP for a while now (all at platinum base).
★ Elite Rifleman/Hideo (DPS of your choice)
★ Halo
★ Operator
★ Nightingale/Heimlock (Healer of your choice)
★ Phalanx
The team is based on getting high health bonuses from Phalanx’s, Heimlocks and Operator’s buffs, up to 70-90k extra additional health (160-200k for 30 seconds when using Heimlock).
Elite Rifleman and Hideo will both trigger Halos lightning rod very fast (Bronze for Hideo and the Silver for Elite Rifleman) making up for decent spread damage.
Operator will be your fast single healer, so that is why i would only recommend using it when you have Nightingales legendary skin, so you have a fast aoe heal available (Heimlock for slower but stronger aoe heal)
Let me know your thoughts/better options, it’s greatly appreciated :wink:.

Try mine
All gold, especially Drake (insert rap joke)

It’s fascinating to hear all your team comps thanks for posting them I’ll sure as hell try them

I did not ask for a current meta team I was asking for a team that can be used in the current meta that is not conventional in the current meta

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Like the idea pity I don’t have some of the hero’s required phanlanx and operator and yes the high health bonuses are a good idea can really blunt out those pesky burst DPS hero’s

Mauler is beast I use him in most of my PvP comps

Lol that’s what I want in PvP now some fun I’ll try them out

yea I agree… he definitely doesn’t have top tier damage output, but the CC/disruption he brings more than makes up for the small dip in damage. (and if you combine it with Halo Plat + Ifrit Showtime… man that’s crazy)

Nice… this is what I’m currently using too :slight_smile:

Working well here also

I currently run two teams. One I would call semi meta, because it’s using some elements of the meta teams:

  • Dogface
  • Nightingale
  • Caine (Razorback/Matador do well too, if you want to get further away from meta)
  • Heimlock
  • Mandrake

The other one does well, as long as Panzer isn’t focusing on one of the heroes because it is lacking quick heal or stun for an early save. I call it the nowhere to hide.

  • Ghoul
  • Wesson
  • Butter
  • Keel
  • Callidus

It is fun to watch your opponent try to get away from Molotovcocktail and end up in his bomb or Wesson’s airstrike. Keel rooting two or three opponents is helping to keep them inside the areas of the skills. Once molotovcocktail starts to spread you can set 5 or 6 positions on fire, leaving no place to hide. And no heal either because Callidus is blocking it.
If they fix Callidus gold it should provide some quick heal, helping to get through the first 15 seconds without losing a hero.

In theory I love this team but out of 30 matches I haven’t been able to keep everyone alive long enough for their synergies to work woners even once.
Ifrit dies, Halo dies, Mauler dies, Caine and Moss trying to keep each other alive but fails.

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Same here but my mauler is gold only :slight_smile:

I haven’t used these teams because my heroes aren’t high enough level yet, but a few I have been thinking about trying are:


Caine being a nice choice for his shields and skill to increase crit chance, which in turn helps Mauler stun. Nightingale is probably better since the team lacks heals, but she also can contribute to the stunning herself. Either way it’s some decent stun potential with Drake’s Tomahawk, Odachi’s Caltrops, and Mauler’s stuns. No matter what there is a bunch of bio on this team meaning they would make quick work of Panzer/Dogface/Caine/Keel, and do decent damage to enemy Ifrit/Heimlocks.

Another team I have been thinking about is:


This team would be able to lock opponent’s down fairly easily, allowing Ghoul and Maven’s AoE to tick away and do massive damage. You could either go heavier on the roots with Chester and Surge, or do more damage with Cinder. Nightingale would be great for additional healing and stuns, while Heimlock would make the team more hardy, and Ifrit could slow making enemies sit in the AOE even longer, depending which route you wanted to take. Since it’s more bio it again would be great vs Dogface/Panzer/Caine teams.

I love how you put surge in that combo creative use of him