Team help please

I am lvl41 and want to build a team i can use for a longer time.

What would you recommend? Also is there a tier list of all heroes ir how do i know if a new hero fits better in my team?
Thanks for help!

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Need to know your whole team but suggestion is as follows: (for mostly free to play)

1-) Priotize Dogface for damage output, learn how to use him effectively
2-) From pvp shop, buy only mandrake for now. (current meta is not favouring others, but can buy cast, clyde, gammond too they can be used as reserve or for gauntlet or campaign force. Especially Cast is usable in pvp too i believe. Good bullet sponge and nice stun abilities)
3-) From Gauntlet Store buy flatline and maven sometimes, but mostly Dogface
4-) For free frags, i suggest nightingale and keel (for healing). You can do it by repeating campaign missions, use quick tickets
5-) As long as you have energy frags, pour them on butter. As of now, with the current meta, he’s a great shielder.

full gold/plat dogface-mandrake-butter-nightingale-flatline combo is good. You can swap maven or cinder instead of flatline when pve damage needed. You will have more choices when u have more heroes. Grab them through dailies, pvp store, gauntlet and other stores. (Just not buy anything from black market. Prices are incredibly expensive)

Last note;

I dont suggest using matador for A team especially for PVP speaking. he’s no good after initial stages. He has weak ATK, Long CD. But is usable with PVE.

Also Ryker can be used as reserve force.

If you get paid heroes, you should search for their abilities to possibly put them in main team. And don’t forget to enhance them through elemental and universal frags. (mostly gained via pvp tournaments and guild patrols)

Happy gaming!

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Thank you for your detailed response.
Why is gammond out of meta? On reddit some people recommend him and say butter is crab? Is there a reason or just different opinions?

Btw this is the rest of my heroes:

Ok most probably those guys on reddit made their comments before new meta emerged. (Role Warfare August Patch) There is no way they tell “now” butter is worthless. Intstead, HH made the Gammond so worthless nerf after nerf. I only use him in PVE now. And I normally got him gold and 7 star before these happened. Stopped investing him after those. Things might change though. Old meta favoured fast paced DPS fest, now it favours synergized healer-shielder-reviver team with “a” great dps thats all. I said it can change because lots of people complains about the new meta, count me in too.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Are there any guys in this forum i can follow in terms of explanation of new meta changes, heroes, eg?

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You are welcome, take your time, speak with other members too, listen some different ideas and you will be set in no time :slight_smile:

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