May Tournaments - PvP Tier List

It’s about time to end the May patch so here’s the list of who was hot and who was not for the month! Some heroes have emerged in play due to platinum skills being introduced while others took a dip in the tiers due to the new powerhouse heroes that were added this month! Like last months, I take the top 50 teams from each tournament (brawls that don’t allow every hero are not counted) and record how often a hero is seen, these are the results of the last month!


As a clarification, the teams that show up in the leader board are the highest powered team that person played that event. I still think this data can be useful as highest power translates as heroes that player has put effort into.

This list is purely STATISTIC BASED, not my own opinion.

Tier 1
These heroes were seen in at least 15 or more teams in the top 50 for every tournament. Almost every successful team included 2 if not more of these heroes. These heroes continue to be the best over all PvP characters and putting resources into them are highly recommended.

What does the number mean?

The number in ( ) is the total appearances made in the 7 tournaments recorded. (350 possible)
↑ This arrow means this hero gained a tier compared to last month
↓ This arrow means this hero dropped a tier compared to last month

Mandrake (288)

  • ↑Halo (193)↑
  • Gammond (137)
  • Dogface (131)
  • Razorback (116)
  • Caine (109)

Tier 2
These heroes were seen in at least 7 to 14 teams per tournament out of the top 50. These heroes popularity fluctuates. All are very strong and are good replacements for any of the above heroes. They don’t see the same amount of play because they are either a weaker version of the above heroes or fit a particular role that is interchangeable.

  • Phalanx (96)
  • ↓Heimlock (80)↓
  • Clyde (55)
  • ↑↑Baron (45)↑↑
  • Fortress (45)

Tier 3
These heroes were roughly seen at least 3-6 times per tournament (All are averages, doesn’t mean every tournament there was 4 people running keel.) These heroes where either used as combo pieces or are harder to farm than heroes above making their power lower compared to higher starred heroes.

  • ↓Prophet (38)↓
  • ↓Matador (35)↓
  • Keel (34)
  • ↑Odachi (27)↑
  • ↑Hideo (24)↑
  • ↑Savage (22)↑

Tier 4
These heroes where roughly seen 1 to 2 times per event. Similar to the above tier, the majority of these heroes where either focused heavily so they are stronger then what most people have or they fill a specific role for missing heroes from above.

  • ↓↓Sapphyr (20)↓↓
  • Sentry (19)
  • Nightingale (18)
  • ↓Moss (16)↓
  • Cinder (14)
  • ↓Heckler (10)↓
  • Salvador (10)
  • ↓Richter (7)↓
  • ↑Cast (7)↑

Tier 5
These heroes made less appearances then tournaments. Mostly throw away heroes or heroes that a particular person really likes and has dedicated time on, contrary to how most people view that hero.

  • Butter (6)
  • ↓Maven (6)↓
  • Pris (5)
  • ↑Kunoichi (5)↑
  • ↓Hivemind (4)↓
  • Artemis (3)
  • Callidus (3)
  • Chesterfield (2)
  • ↑Fracoise (2)↑
  • ↑Ryker (2)↑
  • Phoenix (1)
  • ↑Castellan (1)↑
  • Fischer (1)
  • ↑Halloway (1)↑
  • ↑Elite Rifleman (1)↑
  • Hardscope (1)
  • Mauler (1)
  • ↑Vanguard (1)↑
  • Surge (1)
  • Yanglong (1)
  • Scum (1)
  • Beck (1)

Tier Don’t Bother Playing
These heroes where not seen once in any tournament. Either very low in power when ranked up or just no one finds use for them. These heroes are not competitive in PvP and are mostly forgotten.

  • Bolt (0)
  • ↓Cross (0)↓
  • Galante (0)
  • ↓Ghoul (0)↓
  • Operator (0)
  • ↓Oro (0)↓
  • ↓Ronin (0)↓
  • ↓Steele (0)↓

I love you please keep doing that. I usually ranked 15-100 depending on how much time I had and used mandrake, gammond, razor, dogface and caine. IMO caine is the best hero added since I started 4 months ago. His release time was perfect since I just started to get mech frags from maxing dogface. Also the frequency of events you benefitted from him made me use him everyday the whole month. I’ll probably use him this month as well and replace razor with flatline or oracle

Thanks I intend to! Although its based on highest power, people tend to focus on the strong heroes so I think its a good guideline for what heroes people should be playing. Obviously this is not a perfect list, some heroes may be ranked higher or lower based on personal preference but its pretty accurate when it comes down to who is strong during this time.