Michael the Molecular Man

Michael used to be a former KLG scientist researching potential uses for heronium, when he stumbled upon The Terracotta Titan. He was fascinated by Xianjiu’s heronium cloning ability so he ordered a squad to capture him to be studied. However Xianjiu escaped by detonating Michael’s heronium caches destroying the lab and burrowing Michael under the debris, rendering is molecules unstable from the heronium and Xianjiu clone samples. Days later, Michael managed to put himself together and was rescued by the Magistrates, who allowed Michael to control his molecules and even discover the ability to disrupt other molecules from other objects. Michael is forced to use stabilizing packs to keep his molecules in check.

Powerful support and decent attacker, midline, decent health and armor.

Mech, midline

Bronze ability: Molecular disruption
Michael leaps at the enemy and places his hand on them, disrupting the molecules of target enemy, stunning for 2 seconds and then leaping back dealing X damage while leaving the enemy permanently disoriented. Nearby enemies will also be affected (enemies in the same cover or within the distance, Michael extends his arms to do this, albeit very short range)

Silver ability: Resupply
Michael destroys his own cover. If cover is destroyed all allies gains 200% increase in ammo (while reloading their weapons), 50% faster fire rate, and increased X damage (Michael also receives buffs). All allies also gain increased X armor and a bit of extra health and heal (small amount). Effects last 6 seconds.

Gold skill: Unstable fusion
When Michael uses Molecular disruption he also destroys the enemy’s cover, which blows up dealing huge X mech damage in a wide area. Resupply also provides allies with increased mech damage and explosive rounds (like Galante’s). If a gold+ Galante is present in team he deals mech damage in a small area instead with each shot (like Gammond’s kill shot radius).

Platinum skill: Phase shift
Michael constantly heals X health per second and gains 30% to dodge attacks due to his molecules rearranging themselves (kinda like what the Flash does to pass walls). His weapon also penetrates X armor and 40% shields.

Ruby skill: either Supported or DPS

Weapon: Matter Thumper
A big shotgun firing huge buckshots of solid matter. 8 rounds, good damage, slow firerate. One by one reload.


When Michael uses Molecular Disruption a vibration effect occurs on enemy(s) like Cal’s force slow ability from Jedi Fallen Order.
Likely to be a five star
Destroying his own cover still staggers Michael.
He wears a tight suit that keeps his body together. The technology is farmed from salvage giving a mad max look ish.

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Nicely done! I like it, especially the silver skill. using cover as a resource is a useful tool

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You know what I would love to see in a Molecular Man? One of his powers shrinks him to half size (or third size!) Imagine how painful it would be to try hitting a tiny target. LOL

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