Mid Month Musings: Gorgon Wakes, Gilded Crates and more!

@Skathi - The clarifications from this post are greatly appreciated. And although I’m incredibly disappointed to hear that Commando will be available only primarily as a result of paying real-world money directly, I understand that in the world of mobile gaming, it’s a necessary evil. (an especially ugly evil in this case)

The updates to Gorgon Wakes have been phenomenal and a refresh to that particular game mode has reintroduced the raid into most of our daily grind once again. However, the single primary issue with the GW raid continues to go without being addressed. A 3-per-day limit is not a good way to handle the co-op raid game format. I’m going to paste my prior thoughts here in the (futile) hopes that you guys realize and correct your mistake. Because that’s what it is; an error in judgement.