Like Gorgon update

GOT to say I like the gorgon update, difficulty slightly increased but not as mad as Gauntlet. Players now want to do Gorgon again just for the chance of some gold frags etc. Ok there is a high chance of getting worthless Grenades. But atleast if luck holds you get a frag or gold etc.


The bucks and the stamina come in handy, too

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I think they are on the right track. I think the crate could be improved. i wanna see some boots bullets and pistols somewhere besides a campaign mission. I also think the grenades in the crate could go


Get rid of the Granades and it’ll be better. Even the game doesn’t like them. I pulled 7 from the crate then my game crashed (no joke)

Yeah agree expanding items in crate would be a welcome change. Don’t mind the Grenades as you have to think of newer players that need them thou adding pistols shoulders etc to the mix as well would help everyone.

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I doubt there will be additional gear put in otherwise it would remove the need for silver and gold crates. However, an implementation of QW tickets alongside energy would be welcome as it allows us to earn said gear and give the newer players some more energy, more QW tickets to use it with and also get frags and grenades for upgrading. It’s perfect for new players but also useful for older players looking for an extra boost in their farming.

Take a look on some pointers I made here: