How to make GW crate better

So the GW crate was released and it was a resounding success! Everyone loves it and it is an amazing addition to get some lovely extra cash and stamina for running GW, it has turned from the raid nobody cared about to being as important as frag coops. However, there can still be some improvements, I have seen around the forums about the GW crate being great for ‘new players’ however something I think most people are forgetting is that you don’t even see the GW crate until you are level 70 and collect 25 tokes, this means new players won’t see any of said rewards until they reach that level!

I am in favour of having every level give 25 tokens until level 85 where it jumps to 50 and 90 jumps to 75. Give the option to new players to get those tokens, 25 isn’t that many they will need to do a trade to even open one of the crates but that one crate can help give a little boost to new players every day.

Also, the inclusion of grenades is great for new players but useless to us older players with loads of them, as stated before there is a disconnect between who needs the rewards and who can get them. Maybe consider doing a tier thing like with the PVP crate? That would benefit everyone in their own tailored way to your power level, we can see it can be done. Or just an altering of the rewards for everyone, remove the grenades, include either other gear or QW tickets so new players can have the chance of unlocking those QW tickets and some energy to help them grow their accounts.

However, the main point of this post is to bring attention to the fact that new players can’t unlock the crate but could do with the rewards :slight_smile:

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New players won’t hit level 70 for a few months so it’s pointless to have the granades in them for newer one

my opinion is to on tokens are from levels
gorgan wakes level 15 —15 tokens
gorgan wakes level 35 —35 tokens
gorgan wakes level 45 —45 tokens
gorgan wakes level 55 —55 tokens
gorgan wakes level 70 —70 tokens
gorgan wakes level 85 —85 tokens
gorgan wakes level 90 —90 tokens

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@tollboothkyle Agreed it takes a while, GW crate should be available to everyone down to the level 15 raid however @Suyog the problem with 15 tokens is it would take 2 days of trades to even unlock 1 crate, new players are unlikely to do this wheras 25 or even 50 a day would mean at least a crate every 2 days even if they didn’t trade. 90 tokens would be lovely but that would be overkill as that would mean 6 crate openings a day, 75 i a good number to max on for now I think. For sure the crate needs some reworking for younger players

Not speaking for devs, but I think they saw that most of the long time players were just skipping GW altogether, so this is a way to entice people to do more GW. Newbies, are still enticed to do GW because they need the materials to level up.

I’ve done the GW raid every day for a week now (since it was released). I have gotten mostly grenades, a lot of which are silver and bronze, which are absolutely worthless to me. I have gotten 10 gold, 60 sta, Cast frags, and 100k cash once each. That’s over GW 30 raids to get these rewards.

Tbh, the time investment for the small chance at rewards I actually want or need isn’t there. I’m glas they addressed GW, but I still think they missed the mark. Remove the grenades from crates completely and reduce the number of GW raids you can run per day (and increase the rewards per run accordingly). The exact same 6 GW runs a day, for over 2 years now is just not fun and a serious time sink for not much reward.

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I’ve had the same issue 21 silver granades in a row. Devs are trolling us I guess

Maybe have 1 raid each so you can trade like with dojo?

70 gives 150 tokens
85 gives 200 tokens
90 gives 250/300 tokens

Makes it quicker then trading 3 times for sure, but I guess you get more xp for running 3 times maybe that’s why it’s like that for lower level players. But agreed on the grenades being in the crate, a waste of space and time if the crate is only availbale to people at the higher end of levels. Either crate for everyone or change rewards to suit the people who can access it.

Glad you like the update! Will pass this feedback onto the team :sun_with_face:


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