Gorgon Wakes Giving Money

As everybody knows, there’s not too much of a reason to play Gorgon wakes now. idk about everybody, but I’m broke, so I’d be more tempted to use the raid if it gave out bucks instead, to add to gauntlet grinding.

Just a thought

Oh, and also, another thing. I’m too lazy to make a new thread, but the system to check who’s online is a little glitched. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the green dot will be on for someone, and then I’ll check stats and it’ll say “Last Online 6 Hours Ago” or something.


Nah I would like them to add some sort of frag or more rare items not just grenades


Personally I’ve burnt out on Gorgon wakes. It has not changed since I first started to play the game (7 months ago) and is kinda boring to play. I only use it as a play ground type of game mode to try my new heroes.


I have started picking the easiest Gorgon raid and play on auto invitation;
it takes me about 15 seconds per run and it’s a fast way to complete the daily quest of completing 3 co-op raids. And the new players I connect with are often surprised.


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