Min maxing fix ideas

I think we can all agree that min maxing is kind of broken in this game. Maybe it’s viewed as a legitimate strategy, but it really makes PVP less fun for those of us who try to have balanced teams (which we need to have if we want to experiment with different setups, which is IMO the most fun part of the game).

Would it be possible to put limits on star upgrades unless players have upgraded their character to a certain metal/level? We already have this for skins (I know the legendary skins at least can’t be equipped until level 40). Maybe we should have it so that you can’t upgrade a player past 5 stars unless you’re level 40+, 6 stars at 50, 7 stars at 60, 8 stars and above are open at 70. And you can’t go past 5 stars until you’re gold, can’t go past 7 stars unless you’re plat. For characters that start with extra stars (e.g. a Brogan), that’s fine, but you just can’t upgrade them past the level they come at.

For people who already have their characters at min maxing perfection, they get the cash and frags back, and their players get demoted to the level they would be at. They can decide whether to upgrade back or not, but they’ll have to un min max their guys.


I really like the Idea.albeit as I can see in my short presence in forum, mot of the ideas are overseen and left marooned.

Hey, if you like it, maybe others do too. I encourage anyone who likes this idea to post in this thread and like the top post, maybe it’ll show the devs that we like this as a potential solution and they’ll explore it further.

Can’t implement every single suggestion, and we always have a good reason for doing or not doing a particular thing. We read and consider everything carefully.

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Out of curiosity, would you be able to share your thoughts on min maxing (and my potential solution to the same), or is that stuff for dev internal discussion only.

Can’t share any plans that haven’t already been shared. Otherwise we would have shared them in an official post. Sorry.

I can respect that. Appreciate your work, even if it’s sometimes a thankless job.

Thanks for the thanks! Now it’s not thankless! :wink:

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Hi Muninn, I think someone posted something earlier about getting XP on the characters when they play PVP. This would fix a lot of min max issues as people are deliberately sagging their level and going in with a high star team.

You would think so, but there’s more going on there. Thanks for the input!

I think with the inception of Alliance Wars, more people will feel compelled to upgrade all their characters to increase their chances of holding on to a tile. The trick will be to make the rewards for winning an alliance war greater than the rewards from min-maxing in PvP.

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