Will there ever be a solution to people min-maxing in PvP?

I really hope you guys find a fair solution to this problem soon. I was happy to see the added power to teams during PvP matchmaking recently. It seemed fair that the people exploiting this were actually losing sometimes but of course they complained and it’s back to normal again. Hopefully this recent “bug” with the last update means y’all are still trying to create a fix because encountering an 8* clyde with 1-1-60 skills and an 8* mandrake with 1-1-21 skills along with three other gold 6 and 7 star heroes with a 24k team is frustrating…and more so when you’re matched against them multiple times in a row. Thanks for all you guys do, you’ve made a really great game!

Hey ShortyDA,

The devs recently responded to a post about this. No need for further reports. They’re aware, and looking at it. Thanks!

Always use the search function before making a duplicate topic, especially of one that has been closed!

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