Min Mixer low lvl increased stars heroes

Please. Devs do. Something with those people who do not level up. Their heroes and increasing stars…

Atleast add some hero XP after winning PVP so heroes will automatically level up to max team level.


Sadly to say this problem will become worse every lvl and bar that is added


U can’t do anything abt this… u just need more skills to operate this…

Does that really solve anything? I mean I could upgrade my heroes a few levels but I want my heroes to be the same lvl as their skills since upgrading the skills cost so much I’m putting all heroes to lvl 75 and 74 for those who I haven’t gotten the skills up to level. Because dosn’t not leveling up skills also count as “min maxing” or am I totally out of the loop?


Offf so. Sad… If this happening regularly it will. Ruining the pvp of this game

@R15HAV, this has nothing to do with skill, just not increasing lvls

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Lol @Kraterios I was not talking about skill points… I’m telling about playing skills… the way you operate the battle and perhaps win … And yes players don’t increase their team level of their heroes just not to increase power… so that they can get low team against them and can earn high points … The only way to win the min-maxing is practice and experience to play… You need to recognise who is your strong player and who is not … you need to go with your strong player to opponent’s strongest player… Try meta teams… And see your opponent he is WIP he has more experience than you…Every time you play PvP is not necessary that you win evry time… you can lose also…The best way to get more practice is by duels with your alliance members or with your friends…

I’m in the top 100 for 90% of the tournaments, the other 10% I don’t feel like playing and I’ll have an easy top 250.

I don’t think I don’t know how to play PvP or that skill is involved

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I’m not talking about u bro @Kraterios. I’m telling this to my alliance member @Sanju and all the others who have this problem too…

may be a solution of this is …they shud add hero xp after wiining pvp…so their hero will level up to their max team level.

Said this months ago

I’d like to lvl my hero’s and fight normal again and gain 50-100k power