Mis matching in co pvp

I am continuously matching with double power opponent in co pvp. There is not much power difference in my heroes and ally then why is mis matching?. I lose my valuable pvp heroes like kurtz and harbringer etc. I take some screenshots also. I tries every hero but lose. It is a permanent problem of this game since I am playing. Please fix it.

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Below are the images of last co pvp events. I face this problem many and many times. Other players also face same problem in co pvp.
Uploading: Screenshot_2021-06-02-08-20-06-51_00b25fd6b87b88bc6edac52622218a9c.png…

There is quite a lot of power difference between your heroes. As well as your ally having unbalanced and higher heroes. It’s clear to see here the system punishes you

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This issue has been brought up numerous times. Unfortunately it is what it is. Nothing you can do about it. Just keep your fingers crossed you get to win a few


That’s why I stay away from random co op lol if you don’t have a set team in mind with fellow alliance members so it’s predetermined what you’re going in with it will ALWAYS BE A ROLL OF THE DICE. Lol I haven’t touched co op in months due to that you have much more success in regular pvp , even tho the concept of co op is cool it needs work in regards to how people are matched.

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