What Rewards Do You Want?

When taking part in community events, what sort of rewards would you guys like to see? Vote below 2 votes max & put below any extra information, specifics or other reward ideas

  • Energy
  • Gold
  • Most Wanted Tokens
  • 5* / 7* Tokens
  • Gilded Tokens
  • Platinum Cores
  • Ruby Cores
  • Hero Fragments (type or hero?)

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Please note this is not an offer for rewards, simply data collection that can be used for future events.


Well, just playing this game is enough for me cuz it rewards me enjoyment & also I’m not greedy about computer codings. But personal preferences

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I like this idea, really big brain​:brain::brain:.
Seeing ruby cores at the most makes me a bit sad, since i think around (or even less) 15% of players could actually use those without having to grind a lot to unlock ruby, by the time i’m writing this at least. Most wanted tokens are the best imo, since it’s something special for a special occasion.
Heronite would be intresting 'cause it’s one of the hardest thing to earn in the game, so cool even if a bit OP.
Thanks again for asking our opinion♥️

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Think having a more ideal way of getting certain items in game will help. MW tokens is something to come across once in a blue moon and beneficial if you hoard them. I’d replace them with QW tickets cause that is a heartbreaker if you are hoping to land a new hero/skin and you get QW tickets.

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Good initiative. Happy to see that you guys want to know our opinion :wink:

What’s the energy selection referring to ? Stamina or energy frags ?

Stamina, what you use to complete missions

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For hero fragments I’d like to see a way to get void and astral frags

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Bucks and skill points for me

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Platimun Mk6 cores are a real grind to collect so would be good to be able to win more from events.
Ruby cores are still important as there is no way of collecting ruby fragments in the game. Perhaps the ruby cores could work like the Ruby Salvage instead, so not level specific (i.e. not Mk1, Mk2 etc). Or ruby fragments need to be collectable from levels/solo missions.
Most Wanted tokens are a real drive in encouraging people/teams to push harder in events, namely bounty.
Thanks for asking for feedback

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