Monthly Login Heroes

It’s about time we get new heroes in the rotation. Cast and Hardscope can be farmed very VERY easily, for those who want/need them. Allowing a little more variety on the monthly calendar is not going to hurt anyone or anything, quite the opposite actually.

Also, we are getting new Heroes monthly. Even allowing one of them to be featured on the calendar of their debut month would be great as it will allow more players to unlock the characters a bit faster along with the raids, so they can assist their Alliances during Bounty Events.



I see your point. However personally I am glad to see Hardcope this month. He is easily farmed - but that doesn’t mean I have farmed him because there are so many other farmables. :slight_smile:

Also, when will Galante be available in general crates or something?

My guess is Galante will be one of the new shards in district 10 hard missions.

Give vip ticket how to make them

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