Daily calendar

Ugh Why do I keep having flatline in my daily calendar to get hero every month for like the last few months. I’ve already had her for along time, why can’t I get someone I dont have! :thinking:

Count your blessings. At least Flatline is useful, I have had Kunoichi and Sentry for the past couple months, with Flatline only appearing twice.

Close your eyes, pray for plagues!
Nah but seriously I have have this problem too.

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I’ve had fragments for them as well, just the one that says get hero has been flatline. Which like I said I’ve had for a long time, right after she came out.

Sucks! Doesn’t it! :angry:

I’m honestly happy that the daily calendar is a generous as it is.

Per 10 days (assuming you’re a VIP 0) you get 40-100 frags, 100 gold, 250,000 XP for heroes, and 50k cash (there’s always a sucky outlier).

In a month that’s 120-300 frags, 300 gold, 750,000 XP for heroes, and 150k cash. I’m actually quite surprised with how generous they are with the new calendar, considering that the old rewards weren’t nearly as good. (Rough estimates cause I don’t have screenshots but maybe you would get around 50 frags, 150 gold, 50k hero xp, and 40k cash per month.)

Just be happy with the nice things you’re given!

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