Daily calendar only cast and hardscope

u know that since release game I have some problem
February is hardscope
March is Cast
April is Hardscope
Where is may until December it’s that same hero again please another hero daily calendar

Yeah, maybe developers can add different heroes like butter, Oro and other heroes, i need butter fragments because his fragments only available in hero crate :thinking::roll_eyes:

Either of you two ( @Justice95 @DanielAma12 ) having this problem mentioned here - Daily rewards are different from one account to another?

I checked my daily rewards and I only get 100 gold in week 6.
I can’t believe this guy’s ( @GTSaiko ) buddy gets 300 gold in week 1 of his daily rewards…
@Howitzer - don’t say I didn’t warn you that this conspiracy would spiral. (Nobody mention my stirring…)

Nah, i don’t believe this kind of nonsense, maybe he’s just a troll or April fool’s joke unless he has a picture or video about that as a proof :thinking::confused:

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Good point…

Tell him if he has a proof about this madness, don’t believe people so quickly, we need confirmation guys :thinking:

I’ll ask my friend for pictures and I’ll upload both my calendar and his in an hour or so

Edit: He delivered faster than expected. He blacked his name because he wants to protect his free gold lol

His calendar



I’m sorry, I thought it was an April joke or troll, apologize :bowing_man::fearful:

No worries, man. You can never be too cautious trusting people on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, worth considering starting a new account…just in case I get into that.

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That’s a brilliant idea! I wanna try this too! :thinking::joy:

To be honest, I considered starting a new account, just to test what kind of calendar would I get :confused:

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